Boss Babes of South Africa

Boss Babes of South Africa® is a leading proudly South African brand aimed at inspiring,  connecting and uplifting the women of South Africa. 
The movement was founded in early 2020 and has grown significantly over the past few years.
A renowned digital platform with social media presences accross Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, the platform compromises of professional women from different walks of life who selflessly contribute their skills and knowledge to empower others.
Boss Babes of South Africa® has been regularly featured accross leading magazines and media publications for spearheading Transformative Change for the women of South Africa.
Founder, Kovini Moodley is proud of the platform’s growth and the impact that it has on many lives daily.” It is an honour to be able to contribute to a cause and purpose much bigger than myself”, says Moodley. I’ve always celebrated my authentic self and the platform has inspired thousands of women to do the same. We are ” multifaceted ” human beings and need to embrace all aspects that bring us joy and contentment.

The platform also creates awareness on key topics relevant to the South African sphere such as Mental health awareness, Bullying, Harrasment, and Inequality challenges that are unfortunately rife at present.

The platform aims to break barriers and change narratives and inspire women to own their power and chase their dreams.

It implements this through the following initiatives:

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