Boss Babes of South Africa


Anti- Bullying | Anti- Harrasment | Awareness around GBV( Gender Based Violence)

As we head towards 30 years of democracy in SA there is a need to reflect on our journey and support women during their career trajectories in ways that are tangible and effective. @hashtag.me3 is our latest campaign to support victims of Workplace Bullying, Harassment and Retaliative abuse. As mentor and coach to young professionals, Moodley together with industry experts, coaches, mentors and other CA(SA)s have spearheaded this movement of transformation. Impacting over 100 000 professionals on LinkedIn,research, detailed insights and South African poll statistics have supported the need for experts to empower women with knowledge and practical skills to manage and maneuver challenging environments. Our strategy focuses on leveraging expertise in labour law and other best practice solutions.

We welcome partners to join us in this latest venture aimed at driving Transformative Change within environments that supports psychological safety, transparency and openess.